Credas helps RMS streamline their Right to Work checks

Cardiff-based retail merchandising specialists, RMS have chosen to work with Credas to help reduce the time required to complete certified Right to Work checks. RMS, which supports large-scale retail transformations all across the UK and Ireland and has grown exponentially over the last few years.

The challenges for RMS

RMS works with some of the UK’s and Ireland’s biggest retailers including ASDA, Tesco and Sainsbury’s, and provides outsourced merchandising and installation services. 

A large part of RMS’s success can be attributed to its dynamic and flexible workforce powered by its in-house staff management platform; flex. Last year alone they deployed over 2,500 individuals across 1,200 locations in the UK and Ireland. 

One of RMS’s challenges is quickly hiring and onboarding new workers to meet demand, especially during market peaks such as the Christmas season. Part of the recruitment process is ensuring that all flexible workers have the legal right to work in the UK and Ireland.

As they recruit staff from all around the UK and Ireland gathering the necessary evidence in person would have been too costly and logistically very difficult. Instead, they sought a remote solution that aligned with their agile principles.

Partnering with Credas

It was very important to RMS that any technology delivered the best results for both them and their new employees. They didn’t want a solution that required duplicate data entry and having evaluated a number of options on the market they chose to partner with Credas. 

Margaret McKergan, RMS Head of People and Development “We have found Credas IDV technology to be simple and easy to use. It takes away the pain of having to chase documentation and allows new employees to complete ID checks at a time that is convenient to them. Working with a certified Identity Service Provider gives our business the reassurance that we are following the latest government guidelines.”

When the RTW legislation changed, RMS were delighted to see that Credas were one of only six providers in the UK at the time that were recommended by the Home Office to conduct remote RTW checks as a result of Credas being one of the first companies in the UK to achieve the UK Governments DIATF certification.

As RMS work with some of the UK’s biggest brands they expect them to maintain the highest of compliance standards which also includes any 3rd party suppliers. Credas being one of the few UK Government certified providers allowed RMS to demonstrate to their clients that their compliance procedures are of the highest assurance levels as a result of the partnership.

Tim Barnett “RMS are perfect partners for our remote identity verification software. They are a fasting moving and agile business that embraces the benefits of a remote workforce and technology. As they work with some of the UK’s biggest brands it’s critical their processes are compliant with ever changing  Government legislation. The RMS and Credas partnership is a great example of how technology and cooperation can solve problems in the real world that businesses have to grapple with every day.”