A simple, slick and smart digital due diligence provider transforming the way businesses manage their compliance and customer onboarding processes.


To allow customers to automate their customer onboarding and compliance checks through the use of slick, simple and user friendly technology.


As a start-up, Credas provided a facial recognition ID Verification service, which quickly grew with additional checks allowing clients to conduct full Anti-Money Laundering, Know Your Customer and Right to Work/Rent checks. The new Credas 3.0 platform propels the business forward with a full onboarding solution which includes smart data capture forms, eSign, process builder and custom branding modules, all available via a Portal or through an API integration.


Our ID checking service verifies the person against an identity document using biometric facial recognition and our technology confirms the identity document is genuine. We use a number of data sources to run additional checks such as Proof of Address, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP’s) and Sanctions List checks so clients can meet their compliance commitments. Results are served up in real-time via our Credas Portal or an API integration and data stored securely in the cloud, available to you when and where you need it.


The Credas Mobile App is the highest rated IDV app on the UK iOS store, regularly featuring in the Top 10 Business Apps

DIATF certified

Credas are a UK Government Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework certified Identity Service Provider

Credas are located at the heart of one of the UK’s main Fintech hubs, in Cardiff, Wales.

G-gloud approved supplier

Credas are a G-Cloud approved supplier

We are an Open Identity Exchange member

Credas are a member of the Open Identity Exchange and are committed to open Digital Identities

Credas technology is widely licensed, powering many of the IDV/AML solutions in the market

Our IT & data management systems have been assessed to meet the ISO 27001 & Cyber Essential Plus standards

We take data protection seriously

Here at Credas, we know that you wouldn’t purchase a property unless you were satisfied with its foundations, and so we understand that you wouldn’t use a new service that captures your sensitive, personal data unless you were satisfied the service had appropriate privacy and security measures in place. All captured data is held, encrypted, on enterprise-grade cloud servers based in the UK. These servers are owned and operated by one of well known global leader in computing.

We also operate on the principle of “least privilege”; meaning our staff are provided with the minimum permissions needed to fulfil their function. In practice, this means that the likes of those in our Human Resources department have zero access to the databases containing your data – because there is no need for them too. Of course, threats aren’t only internal, so we apply robust solutions to prevent access to our systems from external parties. Obviously, we don’t want to give any potential adversaries hints or tips, so we won’t disclose anything other than that.

To demonstrate this, we submit to audits by assessment bodies accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS); the UK’s only government-recognised accreditation body. Accreditations held include:

  • ISO 27001 – this is an internationally recognised standard of adherence to information security management and security techniques
  • Cyber Essentials Plus – this is a scheme backed by the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Centre and demonstrates an organisation’s defences against cyber-attacks


As a business, Credas is committed to creating a fair and inclusive workplace. We are signatories of the Race at Work Charter, a certified Living Wage Employer and have completed the welsh-government backed Agile Nation2 Programme.