Be confident your customer is who they say they are with ID Verification + eSignatures combined. Less risk, less admin, more confidence .

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As the economy shifts to a digital first experience, customers no longer want the hassle of having to drive into offices to meet with solicitors or mortgage brokers. Instead, they want a seamless remote solution that can be done whenever and wherever. This has led to the widespread adoption of both remote identity verification and eSignatures.

What customers want now though is one seamless experience, one app or one website that does it all. They don’t want to have download multiple apps or sign-up with different vendors just to sign a contract. Credas offers a streamlined solution for your customer while offering added confidence you know who you’re working with.

advanced eSignatures



Easy merge fields
Easily manage multiple signatures
Word integration or online editor
Automatic meta data capture
Merge forms data into your documents
Embed eSignature into our forms


By combining both ID verification and secure eSignatures, you can be confident that your dealing with genuine customers, with the appropriate authority to sign contracts. Minimise your risk of fraud while offering an exceptional customer experience, with our integrated IDV and eSign solution.

Integrating eSignatures into your processes

eSignatures offer businesses the ability to streamline their customer onboarding and contract management. Here are some examples of how our workflow engine can be used to create smart automated solutions.

  • Gather upfront information, agree terms and exclusivity periods
  • Onboard new contractors and confirm an agreement of representation
  • Verify the identity of a gifted deposit giver and get signed confirmation that they have no rights over the property
  • Confirm a candidate’s Right to Work before sending them a contract of employment for signature

Easily embed eSignatues into online forms

Frequently Asked Questions

Can conveyancers use eSignatures?
Digital signatures can be used by conveyancers and were enabled for land transcations in Section 91 of the Land Registration Act 2002. eSignatures are widely used through the legal system and are considered the equivalent of a “wet-signature.” There are varying degrees of confidence, as set in the eIDAS regulations, but Article 25(1) of the eIDAS Regulation also states that an electronic signature shall not be denied legal effect and admissibility as evidence in legal proceedings solely on the grounds that it is in an electronic form or that it does not meet the requirements for qualified electronic signatures. For further guidance on the the adoption of eSignatures within the legal system see the Law Society practice note here

Does my customer need to create an account with Credas to use your eSign software?
Your customer does not need to register with Credas or create an account in order to use our eSign software. Your client can either sign a document by downloading our mobile app or through our online portal. After sending an invite, your client will receive an email with a unique reg code that will grant them access to the document that requires their signature.

How much do you charge per eSign?
We do not offer eSign as a standalone product. Instead it is an additional module within our identity verification platform. Depending on the package you choose, an individual eSign can be as little as 3p per document.

What is an advanced eSignature?
Government regulation defines three types of electronic signatures: Simple eSignatures, Advanced eSignatures (EAS), and Qualified eSignatures (QES). An advanced electronic signature shall meet the following requirements:

(a) it is uniquely linked to the signatory;
(b) it is capable of identifying the signatory;
(c) it is created using electronic signature creation data that the signatory can, with a high level of confidence, use under his sole control; and
(d) it is linked to the data signed therewith in such a way that any subsequent change in the data is detectable.

Are Credas eIDAS certified?
Credas are certified against the government’s Digital Identity and Trust Attributes Framework as Identity Service Provider not the UK eIDAS.