Principality Recruitment Integrates Credas

Principality Recruitment, a Cardiff-based recruitment company who specialise in HGV and manufacturing, has implemented the Credas solution, to utilise its real-time facial recognition technology and help automate ID verification and candidate registration processes.

Principality Recruitment previously used paper-based processes to verify candidates and complete their Right to Work checks, with candidates having to present their proof of ID in person.

With Credas, candidates can now verify themselves anywhere and at a time that suits them, by using a mobile app.

Tony Davies, Director at Principality Recruitment, had this to say on the project:

“From the moment we spoke with Credas, I knew they just got it and understood the type of pain we had. They even understood our time restrictions and offered us a 10minute remote demo, rather than a lengthy pitch. They just got straight to the issue.

The technology is brilliant and so simple to use. We are already registering people much quicker than we used to, and it’s really helping us keep our customers happy. As we grow, we’d like to implement Credas with our payroll and timesheet suppliers – I know it’s easy to integrate and I believe it will benefit us all in making the process a lot more streamlined.

Credas has developed a suite of products and services designed to cut the time and cost it takes to recruit staff by using real-time facial recognition.

The first of its kind in the UK, Credas enables recruiters to verify essential ID documents and match the photos on those documents with the actual person, in real-time.

Credas also helps recruiters with the audit trail of compliance associated with Right to Work legislation by keeping a record of the verification on its highly secure cloud-based platform.

This also takes the burden off the recruiter to keep the ID, as it will be automatically stored. Using Credas will also give companies peace of mind ahead of the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018, as Credas stores all sensitive data on its secure cloud-based platform.