PEPs & Sanction profiles

Our new Credas’ PEPs and Sanctions profiles, allow you to tailor our screening protocols to your risk appetite.

Your compliance. Your choice.

When it comes to PEPs and Sanctions screening some businesses take the approach of meeting the minimum standards while others wish to cast a wider net. We don’t dictate to you how you should be screening clients, instead we give you the freedom to decide based on your risk appetite.

Fewer false positives. More control.

Choose from 10 different PEPs & Sanctions profiles each tailored to different degrees of diligence.
You can also control the degree to which we match an individual against the data available. Maybe you want just a name or a name and date of birth match. We allow you the flexibility to choose what’s right for your firm.

How it works?

Choose from one of 10 different profiles each configured to different tolerance levels. Starting with A1 which is designed to meet the minimum regulatory requirements in the UK to D3 which covers international sanctions lists. Our software will then deliver the results in real-time helping you to identify sanctioned individuals and potentially high-risk customers.

To learn more about this feature and how it can help correctly identify PEPS and Sanctioned individuals call us on 02920 102 555 or request a callback