Custom Branding – make our platform your platform

Our latest feature allows you to personalise the Credas platform so your brand is front and centre. You’ll be able to custom brand our portals, email invites, SMS invites and PDF reports so your brand is ALWAYS front and centre.

Key features of our Custom Branding module:

  • Apply your branding throughout the customer journey
  • Edit email and SMS content
  • Customise your employee portal with your brand
  • Setup different client-facing portals with their own branding
  • Add your branding to our PDF reports

How it works

Whether you’re a national chain or just starting up, a strong brand is vital for success, which is why we enable you to personalise our platform with your logo, colours, graphics and messaging. Best of all we’ll do it all for you.

We’ll take your colour palette, logo, imagery and messaging and apply those elements to our platform. From header graphics to buttons/CTAs, our portal can be tailored to match your website so your client will feel fully immersed in your world reducing friction within the customer journey.

Not only do we give you complete control over branding but also key messaging throughout the customer journey. You can edit and set the copy within emails and SMS to suit your tone of voice and brand personality.

If you have different brands, say one for your letting business and the other for property sales, you can set up different portals each with its own unique branding, managed through one master account.

We’ve invested a huge amount of time and resource into our completely revamped platform and interface. As part of that development, we wanted to empower our clients so that their brand could be front and centre. Also by reducing friction in the journey, we can improve upon our already industry leading completion rates and minimise any manual intervention required.” Tim Barnett, CEO Credas.