Credas Sign Multi-Year Partnership Agreement with Santa Claus

We are super excited to announce that Credas has signed a multi-year partnership agreement with Santa Claus Ltd, to utilise our identity and ID verification solution.

Santa Claus Ltd – owned by Kris Kringle – will integrate via Credas’ Application Programming Interface (API), allowing him to process ID checks on all customers who post Christmas lists.

Mr Kringle – of The North Pole – also became increasingly alarmed by the number of people impersonating his appearance, across the globe, allowing them to obtain Right to Work status in a variety of businesses – such as garden centres, shopping malls and village halls.

Mr Kringle said;

Historically, we’ve manually checked each customer upon receipt of their Christmas list. This process has become costly over the years, taking thousands upon thousands of elf hours, due to the amount of customer data we have to process.

Implementing Credas’ identity verification service will allow us to confirm that the person requesting presents – is who they say they are.

Additionally, the number of people impersonating my appearance to obtain seasonal work has increased. Not everyone conducts themselves, as stipulated in our brand guide – which has on some occasions – caused reputational damage.

This is why we will also be using Credas to conduct Right to Work checks so that we can thoroughly vet and pick the correct candidates.

The partnership is the first for Credas in the delivery and courier sector, with Credas CEO Rhys David excited at the prospect of processing billions of verifications.

This time of year is usually a quiet period for the identity verification market, with clients in most other sectors winding down for the holidays.

With the partnership with Santa Claus Ltd., we’ll be as busy as ever in the lead up to Christmas.

Further to the ID and Right to Work checks, Mr Kringle said that Credas’ ability to store data in a secure cloud environment was a major plus for his business.

With GDPR now in place, Santa Claus Ltd. has a legal requirement to process and store customer data correctly and ensure it is not shared with any third parties.

Mr Kringle went on to say;

Businesses in 2018 have become increasingly difficult, especially since May with GDPR coming in force. As a processor of personal data, Santa Claus Ltd has to disclose any data collection of all individuals and customers.

This meant that myself and my elves have had to notify the world about how we collect and use their data; such as name and surname, and whether or not they have been naughty or nice.

Both Credas and Santa Claus Ltd. hope that the new partnership will thrive, with Credas looking into potential links to similar businesses – such as Easter Bunny Inc.

Credas provides award-winning identity verification technology across multiple markets and sectors via an easy-to-use mobile platform.

Our innovative cloud-based technology means you can verify anytime, anywhere.

Our intuitive API allows full integration between Credas and in-house systems, providing a secure, accurate and cost-effective way to verify a person’s identity.

*This post is intended as a lighthearted seasonal message.

Wishing all our readers a very merry Christmas, and a happy new year.