Credas Helps Estate and Lettings Agents Tackle Right to Rent

Credas is using real-time facial recognition technology to help companies speed up and simplify the process of ID verification, enabling estate and lettings agents to easily comply with Right to Rent legislation.

The team at Credas has developed their Right to Rent checks to enable Letting Agent to cut the time and cost it takes to verify tenants by using real-time facial recognition and document authentication while remaining compliant with the latest Home Office guidance.

As government certified Identity Service Provider Credas enables landlords and letting agents verify essential ID documents and match the photos on those documents with the actual person, in real-time, by using an app.

The app will also help landlords and letting agents with the audit trail needed to comply with Right to Rent, as it will record the verification on its highly secure cloud-based platform.

This also takes the burden off the landlord to keep the ID, as it will be automatically stored. As well as saving landlords and agents time and money, it reduces the risk of a criminal record, as well as a possible fine of up to £12,000.

Credas contributes to back-office efficiencies and encourages lean improvement whilst being safer and reducing risk.

Using Credas will also give companies peace of mind ahead of the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018, as Credas stores all sensitive data on its secure cloud-based platform.

Since its implementation in 2016, the Right to Rent legislation has increased costs and time spent verifying tenants for many private landlords and letting agents.

Having to physically check that the photo ID matches the tenant can be difficult if they are relocating from another part of the UK. Credas solves all of these problems in one handy app.

The Credas verification process consists of three simple steps – a selfie, a photo of the photo ID, and aliveness test.

Credas does the rest of the work, with facial recognition and ID authentication algorithms working in the background and checking the data captured. The liveness tests ensure that the person is actually present when the verification photo is being taken.

The mobile application can be configured to create a specific journey for clients. It can be modified to complement an existing registration process, which can be used to feed other systems, such as an internal database or CRM.

The Credas app is compatible with all mobile devices (iOS and Android), ensuring that the verification process can happen swiftly, safely and at a time that’s convenient to the client and tenant.

We believe that Credas will revolutionise the way landlords and letting agents verify potential tenants and we can’t wait to introduce them to the safest, easiest and most importantly, most cost-effective way to comply with the Right to Rent legislation.