Credas completes Agile Nation 2 programme

Credas completes Agile Nation 2 programme

Credas has recently completed the Agile Nation 2 programme which recognises our commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace culture and our efforts to promote gender equality in our operations and processes.

Credas completed the programme through Chwarae Teg.

Agile Nation 2 is a Welsh government-backed programme aimed at promoting gender equality in the workplace and encouraging businesses to adopt more agile and flexible working practices. The programme helps organisations to identify and remove barriers to gender equality, and to develop a more diverse and inclusive working culture.

Over the last 12 months Credas has put in place processes and actions to help ensure we create a diverse and inclusive workplace. These changes have resulted in:

  • our gender pay gap decreasing significantly to near parity;
  • an increase in female hires from 1/5 to 1/3 – significantly more than the average UK Tech company;
  • a doubling of BAME employees as a direct result of our signing the Race at Work Charter – making our headcount triple that of the average Welsh Tech company and more than triple that of Wales in general;
  • an LGBTQ+ headcount of more than 4 times that of both Wales, and the UK as a whole.

Simple changes such as anonymising CVs and promoting our commitment to a diverse workforce has seen a significant increase in applications from diverse backgrounds which has led to these changes.