Case study: Building a bespoke onboarding journey for a leading logistic firms

Logistics onboarding software


A leading logistics firm in the UK, ranking among the top five with an impressive turnover of over £165 million, faced significant challenges onboarding 1,000s of drivers a year.

The Problem

The logistics firm encountered several issues with their existing driver onboarding process:

  • Manual Onboarding: The company relied on a manual approach, requiring significant resources and time from a team of 20 individuals.
  • Travel Time and Compliance: New drivers were required to visit a local depot, resulting in considerable travel time. Alternatively, drivers could submit documents via email, which was no longer compliant.
  • Lengthy Onboarding: The process took approximately three weeks to onboard new drivers, resulting in delays and increased costs.
  • Insecure Document Management: ID documents and personal details were not held securely, making it difficult to track and manage this sensitive information.
  • Vehicle and Insurance Verification: Once drivers were approved, they had to provide insurance certificates, ownership details of the vehicle, and confirm the vehicle’s condition. This process relied on manual communication, lacked visibility, and caused significant delays.
  • Inefficient Vehicle Image Requests: The company periodically requested photos of the driver’s vehicle, managing this process through email, which offered no visibility on whether the task was completed or not.

Our Solution

To address these challenges, we helped the firm implement the following solutions:

  • Bespoke RTW Process: A fully branded and customized identity verification (IDV) process was developed to streamline and digitise the onboarding journey.
  • Digital Proof of Address: Instead of relying on paper statements, the company introduced digital proof of address, simplifying the documentation process for new drivers.
  • Driver permissions: Using OCR technology we captured what category of vehicle the driver had permission to drive.
  • Streamlined Onboarding Journey: Once right-to-work (RTW) checks were completed, drivers were guided through a digital onboarding journey, enabling them to, upload insurance documents, and submit vehicle details.
  • Automated Vehicle Management: The solution allowed the firm to automate vehicle management by periodically request new images from the drivers without manual intervention.
  • CRM Integration: The digital solution seamlessly integrated with the company’s customer relationship management (CRM) system, facilitating easy tracking and visibility of the onboarding process.


Implementing our solution yielded several positive outcomes for the firm:

  • Reduced onboarding times: Right-to-work checks were fully compliant, reducing the onboarding process from three weeks to just minutes.
  • Enhanced Onboarding Experience: The fully branded and digital onboarding journey improved engagement rates and overall experience for new drivers.
  • Increased data security and compliance: The digital solution ensured the secure handling of sensitive information making the process more compliant.
  • Centralised Information: All driver information, including documents and data, was consolidated onto one digital platform, improving data management and accessibility.
  • Reduced Travel and Environmental Impact: The digitised process eliminated the need for extensive travel, contributing to greener operations.