5-For-Friday – News Roundup – 14/12/18

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1. Facial Recognition Software Used at Taylor Swift Concert.

Taylor Swift management utilised facial recognition software at a recent Rose Bowl concert to root out potential stalkers.

Swift fans were unaware that their image was being collected at a special kiosk – showing the singer rehearsing – prior to the show.

Everybody who went by the kiosk would stop and stare, and the software would kick in and take their photo.

What they didn’t know was that image was being cross-referenced with a database held in Nashville of hundreds of Swift’s known stalkers.

2. Police Use of Facial Recognition On the Rise.

In May, South Wales Police reported that it had made a total of 450 arrests as a result of a facial-recognition tech usage at the Champions League final in Cardiff, back in 2017.

The system uses AI-powered facial recognition software to check CCTV footage against watch-lists of wanted and high-risk individuals, with humans validating suspected matches before any action is taken.

According to Deloitte, more than half of UK police forces plan to invest in AI by 2020, as they seek new ways to manage the demand on their limited resources.

3. Puma to Bring Back 80s Tech Trainer.

Puma has announced that it’s bringing back the ‘OG’ trainer – originally released in 1986.

The original ‘OG’ RS-Computer shoe had a chip built into the heel that would record time, travel distance, and calories burned. The results could be sent to any Apple IIE or Commodore 64 using a 16-pin cord.

The new version is getting a bit of an upgrade, with the only cable requirement being USB – in order to charge them.

You no longer have to rely on your phone, smartwatch or fitness tracker with these beauties on your feet.

4. Russian Robot Is Human After All.

A ‘hi-tech robot’ shown at a Russian state-sponsored event has turned out to be a man dressed in a costume.

Russia-24 praised the ersatz android during coverage of a youth forum dedicated to robotics.

Pictures have serviced online showing the very visible neckline of the person in the suit.

The robot costume called Alyosha the Robot, made by a company called Show Robots and cost around £3,000.

5. HSBC To Launch New AML Risk Management Platform.

HSBC is keen to use data analytics in conjunction with Google Cloud and machine learning to analyse data from its 38 million customers to better help it spot anomalies and suspected criminal activity in a user’s behaviour.

The bank states the new system will help bring consistency to its anti-money laundering (AML) processes, across all of its markets.

HSBC has a history of money laundering issues. In 2012, the bank had to pay $1.9 billion in fines related to money laundering problems, after which it agreed that it had weak AML controls.

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