5-For-Friday – News Roundup – 14/09/18

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1. Apple iPhone XS unveiled alongside fall-detecting Watch.

Apple has unveiled the latest updates to their mobile range, with the X handset having three new models and two of the models being larger than ever.

  • iPhone XS Max has a 6.5in (16.5cm) display.
  • iPhone XS has the same 5.8in-sized component as the original.
  • iPhone XR’s screen is 6.1in but is of lower quality.

The launch of the new handset was accompanied by the launch of the new Apple Watch which now has an added fall-detection function.

What is strange is that the new ‘entry-level’ iPhone X will still cost you £999 which could limit its appeal.

2. No deal Brexit could mean higher data roaming charges abroad. 

It’s been reported this week, that the UK government can’t guarantee we all won’t be hit by expensive EU roaming whilst in Europe following a no-deal Brexit.

The current EU directive means wherever a UK citizen uses their handset in Europe it will cost the same as doing so at home.

It is believed that UK operators will be under greater pressure to absorb the higher costs from roaming charges.

This comes at a time when the UK government are making networks invest in a new 5G infrastructure, which we believe will make them some of the biggest opponents of a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

3. Microsoft tests Browser pop-up warning.

Microsoft is testing an Edge browser pop-up warning through its Insider Program, that triggers when a user begins to install Chrome or Firefox browsers.

The warnings appear and remind people they already have Microsoft’s Edge browser installed, claiming their browser to be superior in speed and safer.

Microsoft has been fined significantly in the past for pushing its products due to its dominance in desktop computing. The warning does not stop the user from installing other browsers.

4. Santander UK to build £150 million tech hub.

Santander UK is set to build a new £150 million technology hub in Milton Keynes.

The proposed site is expected to home 5,000 staff and replace the bank’s existing offices in the area.

Planning has been submitted for the development, which will to start in 2019, and subject to approval, expected to open in 2022.

“We want a workplace which truly reflects our culture and our vision for the future, which is based on innovation and harnessing new technology to make banking simpler and more personal for our customers,”

Nathan Bostock, Chief Executive of Santander UK.

5. UK task force launched to improve the resource efficiency of UK businesses.

Think tank Green Alliance has launched a new green technology task force to encourage the development of innovation.

The task force will work with UK manufacturing businesses – such as Jaguar Land Rover – in utilising new technologies that reduce environmental impacts while improving economic growth.

The UK’s manufacturing sector could unlock up to £10bn in profit if they improve resource efficiency.

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