5-For-Friday – News Roundup – 12/10/18

Welcome, all again to – 5-For-Friday – your weekly, tech news roundup.

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1. Google Announce Scrappage of G+ for Undisclosed Breach.

Search giant Google is to shut down Google+, after failing to disclose a user data breach in order to avoid a public relations nightmare and potential regulatory fines.

Google discovered the data breach back in March following a bug in the API for Google+.

The API had allowed third-party app developers to access the data, not just of its users but data of their friends too.

The closure of Google+ has come as no surprise to many. Billed as a rival to Facebook, the social network failed to gain the user base it needed.

2. HMRC is Targeting UK Tech Industry.

The UK’s technology sector has been identified by HMRC as the latest to be evading tax payments, with an estimated total of a £2.5bn underpayment in 2018.

The technology industry is perhaps the UK’s fastest growing industry, which is why – understandably – it has caught the attention of the UK government and HMRC.

3. Major Investment for UK Tech Sector.

Bruntwood and Legal & General Capital have launched a landmark partnership to help fund technology start-ups and scale in regions of the UK including Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham.

Both partners will invest £360m to form a new company Bruntwood SciTech. The new company has a simple aim to drive industry growth in the northern regions.

4. Apple Hires Engineers from UK Company Dialog.

Apple is paying UK company Dialog Semiconductor £227m for the acquisition of 300 computer chip engineers.

The deal will also include some of Dialog Semiconductor’s patents and facilities.

Dialog’s has long been a supplier of Apple, with their products being used to monitor and control power usage and consumption in iPhones and iPads.

5. Lancor Scientific integrates Credas for secure cryptocurrency ICO.

We’re proud to announce that Blockchain research organisation Lancor Scientific have implemented our facial recognition software into their secure cryptocurrency investment process

Lancor uses blockchain technology to detect early signs of cancer and is undergoing an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to secure up to $20m of funding.

As part of this ICO, the company will be verifying all investors through integrating Credas’ Identity verification technology.

Here’s what our CEO Rhys said about the partnership;

Working with Lancor on this integration has been a great experience for us at Credas. It’s allowed us to further explore our integration offering and develop bespoke functionality, we were also able to do a full white label service for an extremely innovative business. We are incredibly pleased with the result and are looking forward to helping other businesses enhance their offering by integrating the Credas tech.

Until next week. We hope you have a great weekend!


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