James Du Pavey

How James Du Pavey use Credas’ Anti-Money Laundering Checks

The Challenge

At James Du Povey, we have always had a strict approach to our Anti-Money Laundering (AML) process and procedures – to ensure we have the highest level of compliance possible.

However, we consistently found that our checks to be laborious, taking individual copies of documentation for certification of clients.

We would then buy a copy of the land registry, and process some digital checks such as electronic ID checks and PEPs and sanctions through CallML. However, we didn’t run a check to confirm the identity of the individual or that the document they are using has been authenticated.

How Credas Helped

Since using the Credas platform, the difference is night and day. Our staff feel confident in our new process, and our speed in getting properties to market is much quicker meaning turning sales around is far more efficient for the client.

With manual checks taking up to 32 staff hours — through chasing clients, obtaining documentation, producing risk assessments, and scanning and imputing data into our legacy systems — with Credas, our AML process has now been reduced to just a matter of hours.

James Du Pavey are a forward-thinking agency, and we welcome technology such as Credas. We use virtual reality (super tech-savvy) and other PropTech available out there, helping us generate more leads, clients and sales.

Our staff and clients have fully embraced the use of Credas and it genuinely saves us time, making us 3-days quicker than our competitors. In a saturated market such as estate agency, this is a significant advantage for us.


Credas brought simplification, timesaving and security to our business.

The system allows us to check all clients quickly, with the additional protection of being able to screen clients for international PEPs and sanctions.

Credas has helped refocus our team roles, giving them more time to concentrate on commercial
activities – and allows us to do this at scale – ensuring the highest level of compliance.

Credas has been a fantastic tool for us to grow our business. We love it.